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Business Mileage Claims

If you travel in the course of your business activities and you use your own vehicle for this travel you may be able to claim tax relief at an HMRC approved mileage rate. You should note that this does not include travel to and from your permanent place of work.

There are differing rates depending on your mode of transport and, for the Tax Year to April 2020, the approved rates for cars and vans is 45p per mile up to 10,000 miles and 25p thereafter, 24p per mile for motorcycles and 20p per mile for bicycles.

You will need to keep a record of the dates and mileage of all your business journeys. You can then add up the mileage for each type of vehicle (i.e. car, van, motorbike or bicycle) and then apply the approved rate. If you receive a mileage allowance from your employer you will need to subtract this from your claim.

A good way of keeping a record of your business mileage is by listing your journeys in a spreadsheet and you can download a free to use business mileage spreadsheet here. Not only will this handy spreadsheet enable you to keep a record of your business mileage but it will calculate how much you can claim for the mileage travelled. Feel free to download the spreadsheet to use for your business mileage claims and if you would like any assistance please let us know.